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For single hotels, small companies or firms: Our different ho:re:so versions offer suitable applicant management solutions for every type of company. Have a look at our different versions and the corresponding features.

ho:re:so Professional - For Individual Companies

Recommended for:
Individual companies that require manpower on a regular basis

Annual costs:
Annual licence (1-4 users)                               649 €

One-time Costs:
Set-up fee                                                          85 €

User training & hotline (2.5 hours                   420 €

briefing via phone, 3 months of service
hotline for all participant that has been trained                              

ho:re:so Private Label - For Company Groups

Recommended for:
  • Company groups/firms
  • High personnel demand in different locations
  • Desire for candidate exchanges within the group of companies


On request



Of course, we can also compose an individual package to suit your needs.

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